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2. Derivative Principles - ZamboniFunk

2. Derivative Principles - ZamboniFunk


SYNCHRONICITY UNIVERSITY  - Using Astrology Effectively! What Is Astrology Even Good For? An Exploration of How to Make Good Use of Astrological Insight - ZAMOBONI FUNK


Class 2: Derivative Principles. When tracking time as the shape of the cosmos, then what information is possible to gain from astrology? - Thursday, March 14, 2024 at 6:00pm EST



Well known and loved for his witty and relatable daily astro forecasts on Instagram and TikTok, ZamboniFunk is a nonjudgmental, deeply compassionate astrologer with 6 years of experience reading over 10,000 charts. His mission is to make the insights of the rhythm of the stars intelligible to everyday people. You can find his work, as well as music under the same name, at

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