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The 8th House - Money, Power, Respect Part 1

The 8th House - Money, Power, Respect Part 1


The 8th house is filled with intensity and mystery. One thing is for sure, people with strong 8th house placements make a strong impression. You can sense there is much happening within the soul. With a house filled with layers, it becomes that much more important to channel this energy wisely. From money, psychology, trust, manipulation, and even alchemy and rebirth, we will explore the various shades of the 8th house here. There are many ways to consider prosperity, though this class will focus specifically on the varying shades of wealth; the financial and the emotional. We will look at signs on the 8th house cusp, and what that might say about how you approach your most heavy, taboo, and consequential subjects in this lifetime.


Includes the following links
- mp4 with a 3:10:57 duration 
- Presentation PDF file

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