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Victoria Almiroty - Reading of Children’s Natal Chart

Victoria Almiroty - Reading of Children’s Natal Chart


SYNCHRONICITY UNIVERSITY  - Speaker Series March 2024


2.- Victoria Almiroty - Astrology Reading of Children’s s Natal Chart – Saturday, March 9, 2024, 2:00pm EST

Explore the intricacies of children's natal charts in this upcoming course. Gain fresh insights into reading their charts and delve into understanding your own inner child. Uncover a unique perspective on planets and houses, where the representation of external influences evolves with the age of the native. Join me for an enriching journey into the world of astrology tailored for the younger generation.


Victoria Almiroty is CAP Isar 2012, working with clients since 2001. Astrologer teacher of advanced predictive techniques since 2016. Licensed Psychologist and a BA in Business. Has written and participated in many radio shows, tv shows and social media from Argentina to the world. Mother of two boys now 16 and 13. Had the honor to publish a video for Nadiya Shah´s You Tube Channel. Recently gave a webinar about Childrens Astrology in November 2023 to Isar members through Isar platform.



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