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March 2024 Speaker Series Full - $145

March 2024 Speaker Series Full - $145


SYNCHRONICITY UNIVERSITY  - Speaker Series March 2024


1.- Katherine O’connell - Your Dreams are Your Best Medicine – Saturday, March 2, 2024, 2:00pm EST

I have a body of research and experience of what I call the Healing Dream Series that offers a different way of working with dreams, Saturn Cycles and Planetary Magic to help process individual and collective grief and contact the soul’s purpose. This work is partially inspired by Carl Jung who referred to the dream series primarily in unpublished work. This year is the Saturn Return for my research on Saturn and the life cycle and dreams. I illustrate this talk with examples from Astrological Charts following the first, second and the period between the second and third Saturn Return. I believe that Saturn is the gateway to working on individual and collective trauma, grief and the renewal of the creative process following conscious work with Saturn.


Bio – I have a background as a Clinical Psychologist for 45 years, an Astrologer for 60 years and an Interfaith Minister for twenty-five years. As a Psychologist I have authored two books on recovery and the healing process, taught internationally at Graduate Schools and Medical Schools both Allopathic and Chinese and served as a health care policy consultant to a U.S. President. As an Interfaith Minister I have trained Interfaith Clergy, traveled and led rituals and reconciliation gatherings on three continents. Astrology is my greatest joy since it entered my life at thirteen. I have many lineages as a Psychologist and an Astrologer, a divinatory gift since childhood and a way of bringing magic and hope that is nourishing to humans, plants and animals. As an Astrologer I have an intuitive and eclectic approach utilizing both ancient and modern techniques. I believe that hope and joy are connected and a synergistic experience of these can be shared online or in person. I can be reached at or 


2.- Victoria Almiroty - Astrology Reading of Children’s s Natal Chart – Saturday, March 9, 2024, 2:00pm EST

Explore the intricacies of children's natal charts in this upcoming course. Gain fresh insights into reading their charts and delve into understanding your own inner child. Uncover a unique perspective on planets and houses, where the representation of external influences evolves with the age of the native. Join me for an enriching journey into the world of astrology tailored for the younger generation.


Victoria Almiroty is CAP Isar 2012, working with clients since 2001. Astrologer teacher of advanced predictive techniques since 2016. Licensed Psychologist and a BA in Business. Has written and participated in many radio shows, tv shows and social media from Argentina to the world. Mother of two boys now 16 and 13. Had the honor to publish a video for Nadiya Shah´s You Tube Channel. Recently gave a webinar about Childrens Astrology in November 2023 to Isar members through Isar platform.


3.- Fernando Guimarães – Saturday, March 16, 2024, 2:00pm EST


4.- Lianne McCafferty - The MC/IC Axis and Your Life Journey – Saturday, March 23, 2024, 2:00pm EST

From our earliest conditioning to where we supposedly spread our wings and soar, this axis is traditionally associated with Cancer & Capricorn, hence often called the parental axis. It is a core structure in the natal chart that reveals much about our life journey. In this talk we will explore it's archetypal meaning and also the significance of transits, progressions and directions to it. 

But as we stand on the threshold of collective change with Pluto making its third and final ingress into Aquarius late in 2024, therefore at last leaving Capricorn (phew!), we'll also examine the relevance of the MC/IC axis in letting of the past and moving into new tomorrows....

Bio: Lianne McCafferty D.M.S. Astrol, MAPAI

Lianne holds the Mayo School of Astrology Diploma (Distinction) in both Natal & Mundane and has been one of its tutors for several years. In addition to teaching, consulting, speaking and writing with numerous articles published in the likes of the AA and NCGR Journals, her current research is focused on asteroids and dwarf planets.

An early professional career in scientific research whilst simultaneously competing at a high level in equestrianism brought a choice of one or the other and horses won hands down. This led to a lengthy and successful career as a competitor and coach. After retiring from horses in her late 40's she transitioned into martial arts and achieved Black Belt in Shotokan Karate at the age of 50 so is particularly interested in the use of astrology to help enhance sport performance, but also the benefits of physical activity in general. 

Intuitive and empathetic, Lianne integrates an analytical mind and many years of coaching and mentoring experience to provide a sensitive but affirming experience to everyone she works with.




5.- Maurice Fernandez: The Jupiter/Uranus Cycle – Saturday, March 30, 2024, 3:00pm EST

The JUPITER/URANUS Cycle – Ahead of the April 21 conjunction, Maurice will explore the evolutionary meanings of this fascinating cycle, revisiting historical milestones and explaining how this will affect our personal charts.


Maurice Fernandez is a leading Evolutionary Astrologer with a worldwide reputation of depth and excellence for his diploma program in astrology, publications, and consulting work. Maurice is the founder of I-ASTROLOGER and RIVER OF STARS conferences. He is the recipient of Orion Award for Outstanding Contribution to Astrology (2022), and ISAR Community Service Award (2022). He served as president of the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) for three consecutive terms (2014-2020).

Find out more about consultations, workshops, and available books on his website: 

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