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Gemini Brett -  2.  Void of Course Moon and the Translation of Light

Gemini Brett - 2. Void of Course Moon and the Translation of Light




Date: Thursday May 9, 2024Time: 6:00 pm Eastern Time (Toronto)​

Gemini Brett spins through Synchronicity University to share some thoughts and feels about the Void of Course Moon. Did you know ancient astrologers used different rules to define the days when Moon has lost her Way? In this class, you'll learn four different paradigms of defining Void times and, along the way, you'll integrate a deeper understanding of astrological aspect theory, application and separation, and planetary speed. Most importantly, you'll come out of the Void to receive key insights about the Translation of Light and you'll learn how and when to apply this powerful technique of sacred astronomy.​Gemini Brett is an astrologer, shamanic StarryTeller, and inspiring educator best known for his devotion to reconnecting astrologers with the sacred astronomy of the living sky. Brett's passion, dedication, and innovation were recently honored by the Organization for Professional Astrology with the 2020 Orion Award for Outstanding Contribution to Astrology. His terrestrial translations of the celestial conversation, expressed through the ancient arts of sacred geometry, musical harmony, embodied astronomy, and number magic, activate seasoned sages as much as they initiate students new to the cosmic curriculum.

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