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Black Moon Lilith in Synastry

Black Moon Lilith in Synastry


Lilith has a power association as an independent, goddess energy. In astrology, her symbol has come to also represent sexual desires, some of which we might not readily share with others. This class will explore how Lilith came to embody sexual desire, and what we either find desirable in others, or we ourselves want to embody as part of our unique sexual expression. This class will focus on Black Moon Lilith in Synastry Relationship Astrology, examining aspects to different planets and points, and what that says about the nature of desire, power, and independence within a romantic relationship. 

It is highly recommended you review the previous classed offered on Black Moon Lilith, to understand this core mythic energy of power and desire in your own chart. 


Includes the following links

- mp4 with a 2:20:12 duration

- Presentation PDF file

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