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The 9th House - Hello World! Part 2: Tenants

The 9th House - Hello World! Part 2: Tenants


After the intense inner work of the 8th house, we emerge, ready to greet the world through thought, ideas, people, and literally. It is in the 9th house that we come to understand out place in the universe, in a larger sense. This house can indicate the types of philosophies and political thought that might appeal to us. We can also see a person’s engagement with institutions related to higher learning, legal, and political. How well and often travelled a person is, as well as their likelihood to be drawn to people and places that are foreign and exotic. This class builds on the class " The 9th House - Hello World! Part 1", now we will look at planets in the 9th house, and what that says about how you experience worldly matters. 


Includes the following links
- mp4 with a 3:08:07 duration 
- Presentation PDF file

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