Yuriria Robles

Mayan Astrologer

Mayan Astrology

Mayan astrologers saw in the constellations the animals that pertained to their culture. In this talk, Yuriria will review the characteristics of each sign and relate them to the lore, traditions and stories of modern Maya in order to grasp the cosmology, philosophy and ethics in ancient Mayan astrology.

About Yuriria Robles

Yuriria Robles is an art historian, the author of ‘Planetary Rituals’ and ‘The Return of the Maya’, and the creator of the TV series ‘Mayan Horizons’, which traces her search for the Mayan zodiac in archaeological sites. She writes astrology columns, and Yuriria’s next book, ‘Mayan Astrology’ (with Nadiya Shah), is due late 2021

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