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Timon Harewood -  4. The Triplicity of Earth Signs

Timon Harewood - 4. The Triplicity of Earth Signs




Date: Thursday May 23, 2024Time: 6:00 pm Eastern Time (Toronto)

​In this class, Timon will be sharing his encounter with the four elements. Of the four, earth is more steadfast and practical. He will be going into the modality of the earth signs; Capricorn, the cardinal sign, initiator of a project, Taurus, the fixed sign, which gives the guidelines for achievement of the project and Virgo, the adaptable sign, that makes the necessary adjustments to ensure of the end results. Also, Timon will look at the major conj. Saturn/Pluto that took place in Jan 12. What can we learn from this conjunctions?What can we look forward to in 2024; major conj. Jupiter/ Uranus in Taurus. The major conjunctions taking place in earthly signs, can be revealing. Timon Harewood, ISAR, I-CAP, UVA (MAVA), has been a professional consultant and speaker in the US and Canada, for over 30 yrs. Helping clients worldwide in the business sector and as a personal life coach. He holds a diploma from the Academy of Cosmobiology, Aalen/W. Germany. (Inge,Aach). Direct student of Mr. Ebertin. Also, a Diploma in Vedic studies from Northwest Institute of Vedic Sciences under the tutelage of Dennis Flaherty.ISAR Certified Astrologer ICAP (Certificate of Astrological Proficiency, 2012). Most recently, he graduated from the University of Vedic Astrology with the degree of Master of arts in Vedic Astrology (MAVA). (Jan, 2022). (Joni M. Patry).

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