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Stormie Grace Astrology meets Business II Full - $25

Stormie Grace Astrology meets Business II Full - $25


1- Full on finances; what are your goals and needs?

In this session we will have an honest, SAFE, open reflection of the financial desires and needs of our lives and practices. This session will begin with a guided meditation to drop us into the vibration of the class. We will follow with a structure to review actual numbers in our lives so we can build financially viable practices.

2- You can't serve everyone; defining your niche and your products

So often I hear Astrologers say they want to serve everyone and anyone. This is an energetic trap that cus off the flow of your Divine brilliance. In this class we will lead with a short meditation and move into the honest discerning of your unique niche. You have to be where your people are so you can be of the most help and service. 

3- Getting mission ready; business plan building through your business chart (summary and goals)

So often we feel we KNOW who we are, but struggle to put it into words. In this session we will begin with a short meditation then begin the exploration of who your practice really is. We will give it life through words and structure. The goal is to leave this session looking eye to eye with who your business really is and who it serves.

4- How to construct your practice (competitor analysis and operations) - 4th Class: Thursday Dec 1, 2022

In order to grow in the most efficient manner, you need to know and understand your environment so you can adapt to it or change it. Businesses are the same. In this session we will explore the environment you are working in, what is available, and is not, and for a system of operation to achieve in your arena. 


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