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Stellar Success Series 5-Class Package

Stellar Success Series 5-Class Package

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Focusing on achieving financial and career success through astrological insights.

This package is designed to align your stars with your ambitions. In these five meticulously crafted classes by Nadiya Shah, you will delve deep into the astrological underpinnings of prosperity, career, and personal success. Discover the celestial keys to unlocking your fullest potential and chart a course to a more abundant life.


Class 1: Astrology of Expertise: Begin with understanding the specific planetary alignments that highlight your unique skills and strengths. This class helps you identify the astrological markers of expertise and mastery that can lead you to excel in your professional life.

Class 2: The Midheaven in the Chart: Explore the powerful influence of the Midheaven, which represents your highest achievements and public image. Learn how this critical angle in your chart shapes your career path and how you can leverage it for maximum success.

Class 3: Luck and Fortune in the Astrology Chart: Uncover the zones of your chart that reveal where opportunities for enrichment and success lie. This session focuses on the planets and aspects that traditionally signal luck and how to activate these energies in your favor.

Class 4: Life Purpose in the Astrology Chart: Align your career with your soul's mission. This class connects the dots between your inner desires and outer actions, helping you to understand your true calling and how to pursue it through your professional endeavors.

Class 5: Money, Work, and Career in the Chart: Conclude with a comprehensive analysis of the financial indicators in your chart. This practical session will guide you through the astrological factors that influence your potential for earning money and how you can optimize this potential in your work life.

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