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November 2023 Speaker Series - Full Pass -$25

November 2023 Speaker Series - Full Pass -$25




April “Cosmic Homegirl” - Astrology and the Appearance, how to recognize the correlations between physical traits, characteristics and styles and a person’s astrological placements – Saturday, November 4, 2023. 2:00pm EST




April “Cosmic Homegirl” has been an intuitive astrologer/cosmic weather reporter and tarot reader for over a decade. She has studied under some of the most world renowned astrology & tarot masters and read for numerous celebrities & public figures. April enjoys assisting others with understandings of themselves & fellow beings, as well as guiding them towards their greatest successes in all areas of life through the power of the cosmos!


*Saturday November 11 OFF


Mark McGowan - "Bring Light To Your Dark Side" – Saturday November 18, 2023 at 2:00pm EST

During this class, Mark will introduce the topic of the "shadow self," and how bringing it to our awareness can not only help us live happier and healthier lives, but it is also our soul's desire and purpose. Mark truly believes if we can see our dark side, we will live life with new sets of "eyes." Mark will provide how our birth charts offer us assistance in bringing some of our biggest wounds and challenges can bring us deep healing and be of service to the world.


Bio: Mark is a Chicago native that provides Spiritual guidance to many around the world in the form of readings or teaching on topics such as Astrology, Healing, Psychic and Mediumship. Mark has made appearances on television and radio, most recently returning to the television show VH1's "Black Ink Crew: Chicago," demonstrating his Mediumship gifts. Mark is also on YouTube, as he believes passing down the knowledge to the next generation of Spiritual seekers is important to help them on their spiritual journey. Mark believes that it is the Lightworkers of today that will be instrumental in restoring peace and harmony on earth once again for generations to come.

Social Media: YouTube Channel @ Mark The Midwest Medium



3.- Priti Insight  - Introduction to Intuitive Tarot – Saturday, November 25, 2023, 2:00pm EST


Intuitive Tarot is a Personalized approach to reading tarot cards where the reader relies on their intuition and inner feelings to interpret the card's meanings, rather than strictly adhering to traditional interpretations. It involves tapping into one's psychic or intuitive abilities to connect with the symbolism of the cards and provide insights that resonate with the seeker's situation.


4.- Aquila Moon - The Relationship with Venus and Black Moon Lilith in the Chart (Hard & Soft Aspects) - Saturday, December  2, 2023, 2:00pm EST

During this class, Aquila will help students delve into the hard and soft aspects of these two celestial bodies, and examine how they manifest in personal and professional relationships. Students will explore the theme of raw desire in relationships, and how it relates to the Venus/Lilith influence. Additionally, they will examine the impact of Venus/Lilith on the native's relationship with money, and how it may be reflected in their financial decisions and behavior. Finally, we will explore the native's relationship with society and how it may be influenced by Venus and Lilith.


5.- Ángeles López Michelena - Firdaria. Exploring the soul through a period lord technique. Saturday December 9, 2023, 2:00pm EST

We will explore one of the primary period lord techniques in annual horoscopic astrology within the medieval islamicate tradition, as a means to discover what epoch lords may show about ways in which character can be refined during a given period of life, by attuning to the planets involved, according to their condition in a chart.


Ángeles López is a consulting astrologer and teacher based in Mexico City. Her approach towards astrology is rooted in traditional techniques with some modern overtones. She aims to help people explore and find meaning in their experiences and better navigate the natural challenges of life.

Website: (in Spanish)

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