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Nadiya Shah - Pluto in Aquarius So Far - $35

Nadiya Shah - Pluto in Aquarius So Far - $35




1. Nadiya Shah - Pluto in Aquarius So Far 

Saturday September 9, 2023 at 2:00 pm Eastern Time (Toronto).

Let’s have a check in! How has Pluto in Aquarius been for you so far? the energies were powerful for many of us, although fleeting. Any and all energy only asks to be honored, and even though Pluto has a strong fated quality, there are ways to work with the energy and direct it in positive ways. In this class, we will look at some themes for the collective that have already popped up, as well as a first look at some big Pluto energies coming up in 2024, and how we might tap into that energy to our advantage. I will go through Pluto through the houses, so that you have tools for this life changing transit.



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