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Nadiya Shah - Back to Our Roots -Full $25

Nadiya Shah - Back to Our Roots -Full $25

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Nadiya Shah - Back to Our Roots


This course will be based on the lessons Nadiya presents in her book, “Astrology Realized”. You don’t need to have a copy of this book to make the most of this series, but it could be a nice companion, should you choose.


This course is perfect for everyone who wants to read a chart: from the complete beginner to the experienced professional. Here we will go back to the basics, and consider the building blocks of being able to recognize the symbols, understand what they mean, and interpret what they represent.


★ 1st Class: Planets Are Like Parts Of Your Soul

In an interesting approach, Nadiya likes to start by understanding the core energies of each of the planets. We will explore the core characteristics that make up the composition of your soul, and the ways in which the symbols of the planets remain connected to core parts of the human experience.


★ 2nd Class: Signs Are the Energies That Part of Your Soul Comes Forward Through

The second class focuses on the 12 signs of the zodiac, which can be understood as the clothing that a particular planet, or part of your soul, likes to wear to express itself most naturally and fully.


★ 3rd Class: Houses Are Areas Of Life

This class will help you move through the 12 areas of life, as represented by houses in the astrology chart, as a way to understand and divide your personal sky. We will touch on the various ways in which houses might be calculated but will stick mainly to understanding their core symbolism.


★ 4th Class: Aspects Are The Ways Parts Of Your Soul Communicate with Each Other

Aspects are how planets speak to each other, and how they connect and integrate energies. They represent an opportunity to bring energies forward by connecting them with different parts of ourselves, and to different areas of life. We will consider the main Ptolemaic aspects, as well as larger configurations.


★ 5th Class: Synthesis - Putting It Together


Synthesis, commonly called Delineation, is where we start putting more of these elements together, and consider what it is to ‘leap’ towards a Realized Reading, where we touch on truth in the chart, and in the life of a person. We will be exploring lots of charts together, to consider the possible ways an aspect could have come forward, and how it has actually been experienced. This is about synthesizing all you have learned, so that you can start reading charts, or grow stronger in your Delineation skills.



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