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Nadiya: Definitive Relationship Course - Full $175

Nadiya: Definitive Relationship Course - Full $175


SYNCHRONICITY UNIVERSITY  - Definitive Relationship CourseWith Nadiya Shah’s favorite techniques



Love is a metamorphosis and a revelation, revealing ourselves in new ways, often in ways that surprise us.

There are a few key questions that will have us look to astrology for answers, and love tops the list. When love will arrive, how love can be magnified and grow, what a particular relationship could be, and when it will end, are guiding questions when looking to astrology to answer questions of love.


Class 1: The Meeting: When Will Love Arrive – Friday, May 3, 2024 – 6:00pm EST


Some topics we will cover include the nature of Venus and The Moon in the search for love. Conjunctions to The Natal and Transiting Nodes. Looking at the Rulers of the 7th, and sometimes 5th Houses, and upcoming transits to those planets. Looking at transits to planets in the 5th and 7th as key factors in understanding why courtship and relationship are 2 distinct and different things.


Class 2: The Chemistry: What Makes You Attractive and Attracted – Friday, May 10, 2024 – 6:00pm EST

Those first meetings with people bring a spark and sometimes a surprise. It's the instant feeling we have that makes the biggest impact, and can be felt in intimate moments. This class looks at chemistry, what you need to feel the instant reaction and attraction, with a focus on sexual style and chemistry. Mars, Venus and The Moon in The Natal Chart, and the sign on the cusp of the 5th and 7th Houses are most considered, as pathways to magnifying our connection to love.


Class 3: The Synastry: How You Get Along – Friday, May 17, 2024 – 6:00pm EST

Another person is like a transit, with your planets connecting with theirs. The connection of different planets and points in the chart can show the most immediate feelings between two people, and also the long-term potential. This class will look at the factors needed for longevity and real connection.


Class 4: The Relationship As An Entity: Composite and Davison Charts – Friday, May 24, 2024 – 6:00pm EST

What might happen to a relationship is most clear when we look at the relationship as an entity of itself, and to do this, composite and Davison charts point the way. First, we will look at how each type of chart is calculated, and then consider them as natal charts of their own. Aspects to these charts can show big changes to the status of a relationship.


Class 5: The Separation: Aspects Of Breaking Up – Friday, May 3, 2024 – 6:00pm EST

Very often, when meeting new people, we hope this one is "the one", and that this will be for a lifetime. However, the odds are great any new person we meet just might be for a reason or a season. This class will look at key aspects to the individual Natal, or composite charts, that can show a breakdown, or a breakup for good.


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