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Maria Blaquier Draconic Astrology - Full Pass -$145

Maria Blaquier Draconic Astrology - Full Pass -$145




María Blaquier, born in Argentina, has been involved with astrology since 1987. She is the

founder of the online astrology school Academia de Astrología Avanzada MB (at

Maria holds the STA’s Practitioners Level Certification in Horary, the STA’s Advanced Level

Horary Diploma Course, and the STA’s Medical Astrology Course. She is currently completing

the STA’s Masters Level Program. Her studies also include Psychological, Draconic, Hellenistic

and Medieval Astrology. Her publications include several articles in The Astrological Journal,

Stellium, IAMINFINITY, MidHeaven,; a book on Traditional astrology and Time Lord

techniques (Astrología tradicional: Técnicas predictivas de los Señores del tiempo: ed. Kier, Bs.

As.); and YouTube tutorials.

She teaches the STA horary course in the Spanish speaking world, and is part of the Spanish

Speaking Satellite at OPA.

My social media:

Instagram: astrologiamariablaquier

Youtube: mariablaquierastrologa




Session 1:

Types of zodiacs

Nodal Axis

Traditional meaning of the nodes

Humanistic interpretation of the nodes

Origin of draconic astrology

How to calculate a draconic chart


Session 2

Comparison between draconic and tropical charts

How do draconic houses influence tropical houses?


Session 3 .

The nodal return chart



Session 4 – Nov 28, 2023

Transits on a personal and mundane level

Progressions on the draconic chart


Session 5

How to discern charts of twins using the draconic chart (my own research of the last 20 years)


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