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Marc Laurenson - Yous Soul's Mission in the Birth Chart - 2022

Marc Laurenson - Yous Soul's Mission in the Birth Chart - 2022


This 5-week Course will be rich and inspiring. At the end of the course you will be able to give Soul Centered Readings. Marc Laurenson you will teach you how to be a mouth piece for the energetic path a Soul has chosen to trek. This Course will not only be a guide to effective interpretation but also on how to relay the information to a client, opening them up to their highest potential, power and magnificence


1. Why are you here?  

In this opening lesson we discuss the cosmic fingerprint, the essential energy the Soul has chosen to experience. We will explore the charts vibration, motivations and patterning and how you would relay this information to a client. This will be a class on opening a reading and preparing the client, having them feel safe, clear and enthused.


2. Gifts and Challenges 

In this lesson we will go deeper into the patterning in the chart. Discussing the harder aspects and why a Soul would have chosen such challenges. We will dissect certain aspects, then rebuild them from a new and more empowered perspective, allowing the client to realize the gifts behind the areas of their lives they once believed were problematic.


3. Deja Vu 

In Lesson 3 we dive into the past. Here is where the Soul becomes totally connected, yet as humans we feel out of touch. The South Node of the Moon brings in elusive residue from past experiences that could hinder the client and needs to be resolved. The concept of past lives will be put ‘on the table’ and how you would interpret this information to a client in a powerful and healing way.


4. Soul centered interpretation Pt 1 

In this lesson we begin to pull it all together. This is where the chart comes alive. Here we weave the story together piece by piece creating an amazing tapestry called ‘a life’. We will meticulously yet compassionately create the story the Soul has chosen to experience. This will be a chart interpretation class in a reading setting, taking your skills to another level.


5. Soul centered interpretation Pt 2 

In the final lesson we bring the Course home. This is a continuation of the last class but focused more on the counselling and healing side of Astrology Chart readings. Everything thing in the chart is perfect. All is meant to work for the clients highest good, there is nothing out of place. This lesson will be a class in opening your own heart. Being able to feel what the Soul is reaching for and gifting that to the client. Allowing them to access the love and joy that their chart was designed to experience.


Marc is the creator and principal teacher at the popular Sydney

Astrology School since 2007, going online internationally in 2017.

He is an AAT (accredited Astrology teacher) with the Federation of

Australian Astrologers.


Marc has a thriving consultation business Marc Laurenson Astrology

with a ‘wait list’ for readings. He describes his Astrology style as Evolutionary with a psychological bent with a goal of empowering people and guiding them toward more fulfilling lives.


Marc is a popular speaker on the circuit including the FAA

Conference, Breaking down the Borders online Conference,

Synchronicity University, ISAR and OPA. He has also written for many publications including Wellbeing Astrology and the FAA Journal.




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