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Marc Laurenson - The Lunar Nodes – Healing the past, envisioning the future

Marc Laurenson - The Lunar Nodes – Healing the past, envisioning the future


1.- What are the Lunar Nodes? 

In this introductory lesson we will uncover the meaning behind the Moons Nodes, where they are

Astronomically and the profound part they play in our evolutionary trajectory. We will discuss the

idea of ‘past lives’ and how what we have experienced ‘before’ can influence our journey today. The

Nodes in every sign and house will be looked at and what their energies mean for you this lifetime in your chart.


2.- The Rulers of The Nodes

In Lesson 2 we trek further down the Nodal path by fleshing out the Nodal energy. The ruling planets of both nodes now add extra layers to the plotline. We follow them into the chart by their sign and house and discover yet another dimension to our ‘emotion memory’ as well as our future vision.


3.- Aspect to the Nodal Axis.

In Lesson 3 things get juicy as we welcome in all natal planets in Aspect to both Lunar Nodes and rulers. We are now envisioning a more complete picture of the past storyline and how certain natal planets have returned to become conduits for the soul’s evolutionary purpose. Our relationship with our natal planets now makes more sense as we recognise their role in times before. They also become major stepping stones toward fulfilling our mission.


4.- The Nodal Story 

In Lesson 4 we begin pulling it all together. All we have gleaned from our first 3 lessons is now incorporated into the entire natal chart. We begin to piece the story together as if we are threading a tapestry, understanding the past dynamics and why it has been reborn for the souls evolutionally needs.


5.- The Nodes in a Chart Reading

In our final Lesson, we do a whole chart interpretation focusing on the Lunar Nodal axis and the planets involved. We discuss the South Node within the context of an actual reading and how it has impacted a person’s current life. We look at the healing potential beckoned by North Node and how to bring the Nodal Axis into balance so a person can begin to live a life of renewal andempowerment.

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