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Marc Laurenson - Souls Mission through Forecasting- 2023

Marc Laurenson - Souls Mission through Forecasting- 2023



1.- Transits. “As above so Below’. 

Transiting Planets are our greatest teachers, helping us navigate the terrain we call life. Through calm times and challenging times, they pose the question ‘what are you learning from this experience? In our first class we take a deep dive into what we are being taught from transiting planets and how to relay the information in an inspiring and encouraging way.


2. - Secondary Progressions

Progressions are the Evolutionary unravelling of our human development. Maturing and ripening over time we are taken through a process of evolving through more inner experiences. In our second class we work with the Progressed Sun, Moon and Personal Planets as well as the amazing time piece called the progressed Lunation Cycle.


3. - Solar Arc Directions

Solar Arcs Directions are like life’s Milestones. Here we are faced with particular decisions at certain years when our Souls needs meets a human experience. In our third class we take a focused look at why a Solar Arc manifestation could be happening to us. What we are leaning from this at this particular time in our lives and how best to integrate it.  


4. - Pulling it all together

Combining all the information required in a forecast reading can sometimes feel overwhelming. With so much going on, it can be challenging to know where to start.? In our fourth lesson I will take you through the process of prioritising the information, sorting out what’s important and what’s not and dove tailing the energies beautifully so the client gets the full picture in a compact and comprehensive way.


5.-The Soul Centered Forecast Reading

A forecasting reading is incredibly important. Not just with the information involved but with delivering what the chart is saying to the client. It can be very easy to lose track and worse still scare a client with your wording. In our final lesson I will take you though an actual reading. Not just with processing the information but more importantly the delivery of the planetary teachings, having the client feel clear, inspired and empowered.

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