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Marc Laurenson - Lilith, Ceres and Eris - Full Pass $145

Marc Laurenson - Lilith, Ceres and Eris - Full Pass $145


From Darkness to Light - Black Moon Lilith, Ceres and Eris 5-week Course with Marc Laurenson


Class 1: Working with Black Moon Lilith - Thursday July 11, 2024

The Powerful Yin has been demonized throughout history. This strong feminine energy has been threatened and punished by the patriarchy, making her rather challenging to assimilate. In this class we discuss the importance of this formidable Lunar Point and how we can integrate her incredible power successfully into who we are.


Class 2: Working with Ceres - Thursday July 18, 2024


As the Agricultural Goddess, Dwarf Planet Ceres kept the community fed. Our survival depended on her. When she felt loved we all benefitted, when she was unhappy then we suffered as well. In this class we pinpoint where we could be emotionally malnourished, as well as where we can thrive, discussing the best ways to bring the love that sustains us into our lives.


Class 3: Working with Eris - Thursday July 25, 2024


Eris was ostracized, banned by the other Gods for her trouble making nature. Through jealously and her competitive nature she loved to watch others in turmoil. This need to inflict chaos was actually her way of projecting her pain onto others. In this class we look at where we could feel this hurt in our own lives and how best to turn her darkness into a shining torch.


Class 4: Lilith, Ceres and Eris in the Chart - Thursday August 1, 2024


Here we begin to look at examples of how these 3 energies have played out in charts of people we know. We discuss how the people have experienced them and how they have acted them out in their own lives.


Class 5: Lilith, Ceres and Eris in a Chart Reading - Thursday August 8, 2024


In our final class we bring Lilith, Ceres and Eris into a Chart reading, discussing how to integrate their energies with other planets. We will look at how to recognize the challenges and pitfalls, yet focus on their higher lessons so we can incorporate their awe-inspiring energies into our lives powerfully and productively.

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