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Kassia Kristoff - Critical Degrees in Astrology - $35

Kassia Kristoff - Critical Degrees in Astrology - $35




Kassia Kristoff - Critical Degrees in Astrology 

Saturday October 7, 2023 at 2:00 pm Eastern Time (Toronto).


In this class we will be discussing the critical degrees of the zodiac and what these degrees can mean for us when we find them in our natal chart. 


Kassia Kristoff is an evolutionary astrologer, Ascension Coach, Intuitive, Belvaspata Angel Healing Grand Master Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, AURA Hypnosis Healing and RAAH Reiki Practitioner, and tarot reader. She shares her insights and perspectives on her youtube channel, Cosmic Consciousness with Kassia, blending astrology and intuition to help viewers understand their Ascension process through the interplay of the planetary energies and portals. She offers a wide variety of services to assist her clients in self healing and self exploration.



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