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Janét Jones: Understanding Yod Aspects

Janét Jones: Understanding Yod Aspects


This 90-minute seminar will provide an introduction to Yod aspects. Attendees will explore the fundamentals of Yods, including their structure and how to interpret them. The seminar will cover the importance of the planetary energies in a Yod, the significance of the focal planet, and the significance of the two planets that form the base of the Yod. Participants will also gain insight into how Yods can be used to better understand a person's chart and how to interpret them in readings.




Janét Jones, also known as "Illy Vish," is an astrologer writer, and content creator who began to immerse herself in the study of Astrology, esoteric and metaphysical concepts, and psychology in 2011. She is the owner of Spiritual Gangsta Certified, which has developed into a podcast, YouTube channel, and a Facebook community with over 250k followers. Janét uses her background in graphic design and video editing to create captivating content that explains astrological, psychological, and spiritual topics. Her services include astrological readings, coaching, courses, content, merchandise. She is also an ordained minister who performs weddings and spiritual ceremonies. Janét feels privileged to be able to help so many people improve their lives through the use of Astrology and spirituality. - @illadelphiavish

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