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Alex Trenoweth -Healing your inner Teenager - $35

Alex Trenoweth -Healing your inner Teenager - $35


Adolescence: you survived it unscathed, right? So there’s no need to rake over the past, is there? New research into neurology has revealed that crucial brain development occurs during adolescence and could be the source of addiction, negative thought patterns and other undesirable behaviours in adults. Alex demonstrates how adolescence has an astrological pattern and, most importantly, how adults can use their own cycle of Saturn to become stronger and more effective authority figures.


Alex Trenoweth (MA, DFAstrolS) is a schoolteacher, author and award-winning astrologer who has is often credited for stimulating dialogue between Western and Vedic astrologers through her work with the Institute of Vedic Culture (IVC) in Kolkata India. Recognising her unique and specialised talents, ISAR appointed her as President of their qualification board (CAPISAR) in July 2020. She is now the principal of her own astrology school, Rohini Academy of Astrology.

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