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2023 May Speaker Series- Melissa Cynova

2023 May Speaker Series- Melissa Cynova


4. Melissa Cynova: How to Pick Your Tarot Deck

Date: Saturday June 3, 2023
Time: 2:00 pm Eastern Time (Toronto)


Choose your questions and get ready to read the tarot for yourself and others. Melissa will take you through crystals and incense, tarot spreads and vibes. What do you need to do a reading? How do you begin? Let’s figure it out together.

Melissa Cynova has spent 30 years of her life as a social worker, working with foster kids, the Disabled and Aged communities and the Deaf community. At the same time, this small-town girl was exploring the Universe with tarot cards, which she was certain was a tool of the devil.  Luckily, she’s never believed in the devil.
Her writing voice has often been compared to her speaking voice, helping folks feel at home with personal stories, humor and direct advice. Her first book, KITCHEN TABLE TAROT, is a book for new readers. It was the recipient of the IPPY Award for Best First Book and two COVR awards.


Find Melissa on Social Media
Instagram @melissacynova
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