NEW! May 2021 Speaker Series

Welcome to The May 2021 Synchronicity University Speaker Series!

Join us each Thursdays in May and into June to learn from some of the Most Brilliant Astrologers alive today. Many of these speakers are my friends, or people I think are doing great things in astrology today.

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Rachel Schwartz

Kabbalistic Astrologer

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Lunar Astrology - Your Life’s Lessons Through the Eyes of Kabbalah. 


Date: Thursday May 6, 2021

Time: 6:00 pm EDT

Are we really controlled by the zodiac signs? and what is the purpose of learning your chart?

The process of “tikkun” (correction) and how it’s implemented to the signs.

The deepest bottom beliefs of the signs and how to heal oneself.

The Hebrew calendar’s secrets, the power of the Hebrew letters and days of power during the year. 

Check Rachel's website: 


Facebook : 

Rachel The Astrologer

And Instagram @Racheltheastrologer 

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Armand Diaz

Astrologer & Intuitive Coach


Astrology of Breakups

Date: Thursday May 13, 2021

Time: 6:00 pm EDT


Breaking up is hard to do... But it isn't always traumatic, and very frequently leads to better lives, loves, and relationships. In fact, we can find meaning and deep inspiration for personal growth in this difficult process.


In Separating Aspects, Armand Diaz will guide you through the astrology of break-ups, divorce, and other partings from an astrological perspective. 

Check Armand's website:

Stormie Grace


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Magical Mercury Retrograde - Re-thinking the Thinking!

Date: Thursday May 20, 2021

Time: 6:00 pm EDT


Mercury's retrograde is not to be feared or hated, but instead used as a sacred time to rethink how we are allowing Mercury to function in our lives! In the energy of Gemini, we will have an opportunity to rethink our thinking, our expression, our information, and our connections! It's an exciting time to integrate and assimilate what hasn't quite sunk in yet as well. Mercury's retrograde is truly magical! I can't wait to look at this cycle with you and discuss its 4 part movement and how we can use it! 


Stormie Grace is a practicing astrologer at Stormie Grace Astrology and houses her own show on Youtube producing learning, weekly, monthly, and yearly content. She specializes in teaching groups, one on one sessions, and personal readings. A Member of OPA, AFAN, ISAR, NCGR, AYA, contributor to, Midheaven Magazine, and faculty member for the Portland School of Astrology.

Check Stormie's website:

Facebook : Stormie Grace Astrology

YouTube:  StormieGrace

And Instagram @StormieGrace08


Samuel Reynolds



Roping in your Lunar Nodes!

Date: Thursday May 27, 2021

Time: 6:00 pm EDT


Reynolds shares a unique vision of the nodes and their cyclic importance in your life. In this 75 minute presentation, he'll share how you can better work your North and South Nodes and discuss what are the key character-building lessons for the six pairs of Lunar nodes there are and give some ideas on how to implement them. 

Check Samuel Reynolds' website:

Facebook : Samuel F Reynolds

Samuel Reynolds - YouTube

And Instagram @sfreynolds


Acyuta-bhava Das (Adam Elenbaas)

Astrologer, Author & Yoga Instructor

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Mystical Saturn: A Planet for All Ages

Date: Thursday June 3, 2021

Time: 6:00 pm EDT


When the planet Neptune was seen for the very first time through a telescope, it was conjunct Saturn. In this talk, we shall explore the symbolism of Saturn across the ages, while also exploring the possibility that the ancient Saturn is just as mystical and other-worldly as any of the modern, outer planets – including Neptune! 

Acyuta-bhava Dasa (Adam Elenbaas) is a professional astrologer, author, and yoga instructor from the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Acyuta is the critically acclaimed author of "Fishers of Men: The Gospel of an Ayahuasca Vision Quest," (Tarcher/Penguin 2010), and one of the founding writers/contributing editors of the popular web magazine, RealitySandwich. Acyuta holds an M.A. in English, Language, and Literature, and an M.F.A in Creative Non-Fiction Writing. Acyuta teaches courses on Hellenistic astrology, Yoga Philosophy, and Horary Astrology, and is an initiated disciple of Gaudiya Vaishnavism (Bhakti Yoga).

Check Acyuta-bhava Das' website:

Facebook : Acyuta-bhava Das

YouTube : Acyuta-bhava Das

And Instagram @nightlightastrology

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