Frank Clifford


1. Jupiter: It’s Too Much – But Is It Enough?

Jupiter reveals how and where we’re blessed – so much so that we can inspire others with its message. But can Jupiter be too much of a good thing? From the evangelist and guru to the con artist, from the philanthropist to the diva, Frank will examine the various exemplary and sinister sides to the Greater Benefic.

2. Blessings, Thank Yous and Goodbyes.

Nadiya and Frank wrap up the conference with an open discussion with attendees about the topics presented over the weekend.

About Frank Clifford

Frank Clifford is an award-winning astrologer and writer. He writes for and guest edits ‘The Mountain Astrologer’ and his books include ‘Getting to the Heart of Your Chart’. Frank teaches online and in person at the LSA. For free videos, articles, offers, and live Q&As, please visit

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